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PhotoFit Health and Wellness Coaching Terms and Conditions

Our Commitment To You

You may have already notice, that we do things a little differently from other health and movement specialists. Our commitment to you is based on more than just excellent physical care and goal setting. We want you to have fun, grow with knowledge and be fulfilled with your progress because you have the knowledge to focus on giving your body every opportunity to achieve your goal in a healthy, pain free, injury free body. To rehabilitate the mind and remove old habits takes practice, this is a new skill set we at PhotoFit want you to learn and master to become one with your properly alined movement techniques.

With experience in a wide rang of fields including spinal pain, sports specific programing, pregnancy, injuries, illness, soreness, flexibility issues, surgery, depression, weight loss and more. You can take confidence in the fact that we at PhotoFit are committed to a strict code of ethics and high level of professional standards.
PhotoFit Health and Wellness Coaching values your HUMAN RIGHTS. Our clients receive respectful care and are not discriminated against on the basis of: AGE, GENDER, ETHNICITY, BELIEFS, SEXUAL PREFERENCE, or HEALTH STATUS.

Your Commitment To Us

In order to achieve outstanding physical and mental results, we require an equal commitment from you. Take time to talk through your goal and understand the full physical programing and training planning that will go in to you attaining your goal. Clear communication every step of the way ensures we are always on the same page and achieving to best outcome possible. All our professional recommendations are based on the information provided by YOU, an objective and full physical examination and specific goal setting is determined by the commitment you put into your training both inside and outside the studio.

As a condition of receiving training and education from PhotoFit, its important to understand our policies and for you to acknowledge that ultimately, it is your responsibility to follow the advice and programing set to achieve your goal. We acknowledge that life, work, family, emotions and an infinite number of variables can have an impact on the outcome of your training, but clear HONEST communication can mean you never stray to far away from your goal. Flexibility can only be attained when you are honest about your true commitment to the task at hand.

Here at PhotoFit we are confident that if you implicitly follow our recommendations, and any further opinions subsequent to reviews that may occur periodically throughout your training and program design, its because we see a way to attain your goal in a balanced, healthy, nurturing and injury free way so you achieve long standing results.

Consent and Client Information

The personal information and details provided by you to PhotoFit are to help us understand any pre existing injuries, problems, niggles, soreness and accidents.
The information you provide will help us build together the ultimate training program to resolve pain, prevent injury and optimize athletic performance, mobility and weight loss.

Cancelation Policy

It is expected that if a client cannot keep there session with PhotoFit, that 24 hour notice is given through SMS or PHONE CALL, otherwise the session will be charged and deducted from there session pack. PhotoFit understand that life happens, so we are happy to reschedule a session to another day or time with 24 hours notice.
This policy is fair and reasonable, late or missed appointments excludes others from receiving treatment and inconvenience both the health movement therapist and other clients who where waiting for a session.

Accounts and Session Packages
Please understand that our strict billing methods allow equality of service to all clients, and serve to raise the already high standard of training that we at PhotoFit can offer you.

All session payments are to be paid in advance and are to be made by direct debit or cash.

Those who feel they cannot comply with PhotoFits very strict payment methods, or wish to discuss options regarding payment are welcome to do so. The intention is not to exclude anybody from being able to access our services. PhotoFit will never deny anyone the benefits of training and care because of the their inability to pay our published set fees. If financial hardship requires individual consideration please, do not hesitate to discuss options with us.

Fees and Packages

Assessment: Free

Individual 60 minutes Session $80.00

60 min Session Package Saver ($75.00)

10 Sessions $750.00

12 Sessions $900.00

15 Sessions $1,125.00

Individual 45 minute Session $70.00

45 min Session Package Saver ($65.00)

10 Sessions $650.00

12 Sessions $780.00

15 Sessions $975.00

Group Session $30.00

10 Sessions $300.00

12 Sessions $360.00

15 Sessions $450.00

Running Clinic $10.00

Program Design and Education includes

1 x Assessment, 2 x 45 min sessions plus 12 week Program $350.00

Running Program and Time Trail $120.00