Make A Great Career With A Dental Hygiene Degree Program

Probably, the career of a Dental Hygienist is one of the most prospective careers in contemporary life. It is very important not to spend long years to selecting a career path because our young years are quite rich and may be greatly fruitful. One of the major points to be taken into account by a person choosing a career that may really benefit them is, no doubt, the length of study time and the required coursework to be covered. By the way, in the state of California, selecting the career of a dental hygienist is one of the best career steps from which young and older adults can choose.

Before making the right choice of the future career, one should thoroughly study the duties of a hygienist and correlate them with his or her expectations. So, a dental hygienist takes dental x-rays, removes stains and plaque from teeth, applies fluorides and sealants to teeth. Besides, a hygienist teaches patients how to maintain good oral hygiene. Due to the technical knowledge required for this profession, it is very important for a hygienist to be licensed by the state. A training program includes anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, radiology, and some other related subjects. In some states, a hygienist may also administer anesthesia, so training in this subject is also required, so prevagen.

Many California colleges Offer Dental Hygienist Courses

If you are the one who has decided to start the career of a Dental Hygienist and you live in the state of California or at least not far from it, you may consider yourself a fortunate person, because you have several California colleges to choose from. These are colleges that offer degree programs in the field. Although there are many schools suggesting the degree program, it is efficient for an individual to consider such a career step very thoroughly. Future hygienist students should also understand the requirements of a college and exactly realize what it takes to become a good Dental Hygienist. At first it may seem that the college course load for a dental hygienist is not as broad as that of a dentist himself, but in fact obtaining a degree in dental hygiene still requires much work, time, efforts and dedication.

It should be mentioned that in order to obtain a Bachelor's of Science degree in Dental Hygiene a potential students must cover a 4 year program. Beside a Bachelor's Degree, it is also possible for an individual to have an Associate's degree or just basic certification in dental hygiene. Nevertheless, if a person wants to increase his or her skills and knowledge, as well as clinical expertise, one should obtain a Bachelor's degree by means of covering the program needed for this degree. There is a concrete solution to proceed to the career of a dental hygienist. The basic or general courses that must be studied in order to obtain a Bachelor's degree include Biology, chemistry, algebra, etc. Beside the general courses, students must also take such subjects as nutrition, pharmacology, anatomy, oral anatomy, and clinical courses as well. After completion of an accredited California dental hygiene program, dental hygienists practicing in the state of CA are obligatorily required to pass a written examination, as well as a clinical examination. Without passing these exams a Dental Hygienist cannot become licensed.

San Joaquin Valley College

San Joaquin Valley College is an accredited private junior college suggesting accelerated career-focused curriculum and proper instruction to its students. SJVC also offers great Dental Hygiene Program. It prepares students to work as a registered dental hygienist. Students learn to perform clinical exams, make x-rays, remove plaque and calculus from the teeth, and administer local anesthetics. In addition, graduates will also be equipped to provide sympathetic patient care what is considered to be very important in the dental health field. Major subjects studied by the students include Head & neck anatomy, Oral biology & radiology, Pharmacology, Pathology & periodontology, Dental health education, Practice management.

Concerning the application process for the Dental Hygiene Program is highly selective. The most qualified applicants meeting minimum requirements will be selected by means of points earned from Accuplacer (it has to be administered during the application process), Healthcare work experience, Application panel interview, Postsecondary education. Those applicants who have earned the highest number of points will be selected for available seats with five alternatives for each student group. By the way, official transcripts from all regionally accredited institutions attended before must be also included to the application. Transcripts of all completed prerequisite courses must be sent to SJVC by the application deadline. It is also important to add a two page written personal statement which explains why the applicant wants to become a dental hygienist. Besides, don't forget to apply two letters of recommendations from individuals knowledgeable of and able to evaluate applicant's potential to complete a course of study in dental hygiene. Qualified candidates will be soon chosen for invitation to interview with the selection committee.

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As you can see, it is not so easy to enter a Dental Hygiene College, but let it be a motive for you that a Dental Hygienist is able to earn up to $30 per an hour in the state of CA. Thus, your hard work will certainly pay off in a financial way. If you're interested in a career of a dental hygienist you are welcome to contact a few colleges in California and choose the program which suits you better!